Corporate Social Responsibility

SALAS SIMÓ contributes actively and voluntarily to social, economic and environmental improvement through an implemented Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) system, part of its Integrated Management System (IMS).

We voluntarily integrate social and environmental concerns into our management, our business operations and our relations with other stakeholders. We consider CSR as inherent to our culture and way of working.

Integrity, transparency, accountability and safety

Through our process of Good Business Practices we define the mechanisms for implementing our Business Ethics Policy. SALAS SIMÓ implements an Ethics and Business Conduct Code featuring very clear and solid values and principles as an essential part of the company's CSR. Likewise, to ensure its implementation, we carry out regular risk assessments and good business practice audits.

We also publish a CSR Report every year. This sustainability report allows us to assess the company's social and environmental contribution.
We are certifying our CSR system according to the IQNET RS-10 standard.

 Download documents:

  Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
  SALAS SIMÓ general policy
  Memory RSE 2015

Contact form

Please use our CSR form to confidentially report any practice or action that you consider inappropriate or even illegal on the basis of our Ethics and Business Conduct Code, and it will be duly investigated. 

SALAS SIMÓ appreciates and values any help to identify potential problems which the company needs to address

*Through this contact form you can also request information on the Company's environmental behavior.