We are pioneers in the distribution of petroleum products and dangerous goods in the Balearic Islands



Transport of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods distribution of diesel and petrol.

Transport in the Balearic Islands and inter-islands

Salas Simó carries out island and inter-island transport in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera).

National and international transport

Whether national or international. We take your cargo from any origin to any destination.

Tank transport

Transport and distribution of dangerous goods in tanks.

Aviation Supply

Transportation and distribution of aviation fuels to airport facilities

Supply to ships

Supply of fuel to ships by tanker truck.

QUALITY. Every detail is important

We have developed an integrated quality management system to ensure the excellence of the services we offer and the levels of security you need.

Integrated Management System Certificate

TRANSPORTES SALAS SIMÓ has an advanced computerized Integrated Management System (SIG) that covers all the company's relevant processes in Safety, Quality, Environment, Risk Prevention and Training. Continuous internal and external audits improve and consolidate the system.


In addition to these improvement processes, our awards and mentions confirm our course in the permanent search for quality, safety for people and the environment.

Objective: Achieve your maximum security

  1. 1

    Increase the security of our services

  2. 2

    Increase our competitiveness and reliability

  3. 3

    Motivate and train staff towards Quality and Safety

  4. 4

    Improve profitability and internal management

At Salas Simó, safety is an absolute priority. For this reason, we promote the development of an adequate Safety Culture that must be the reflection of individual, group and organizational attitudes, of rules and behaviors that consist of value, priority and commitment to operational safety. All employees are committed to safety and our goal is to be leaders in safety. Para dicho liderazgo, aplicamos los 7 principios en materia de seguridad

  1. 1

    Create the security vision (in accordance with the values ​​and management principles)

  2. 2

    Give safety the place it deserves within the organization and management, and manage it on a daily basis.

  3. 3

    Share the security vision. Influencing, convincing and promoting the dissemination of information.

  4. 4

    Credibility, setting an example and being consistent

  5. 5

    Foster team spirit and cross-sector cooperation

  6. 6

    Being present on the ground to observe, listen and communicate effectively

  7. 7

    Recognize good practices and apply proportionate sanctions